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Junior Navigator – A Special Offering!

I would strongly encourage anyone who has ever considered taking Offshore & Celestial Navigation to sign up for the Junior Navigation course beginning on Jan 28, 2015.

Frankly, our Squadron may not offer this course again so this may be your last opportunity to learn about Celestial Navigation. This course is rarely offered but we have a sufficient number signed up now to run the course.

It is a lengthy course (14 weeks) requiring a solid Navigational background (Advanced Piloting or equivalent). . Our plan is to run Junior Navigator now and follow-up with Navigator this fall which is the sequential Offshore/Celestial Navigation course & the pinnacle of CPS Courses.

Navigator is a badge of honor that a limited number of members have achieved.

Here’s a brief overview of the course:

Junior Navigator is the first of a two-part program of study in offshore (open coast) navigation. It is designed as a practical, how-to course using GPS for offshore navigation with sun sight taking using a sextant as a backup technique. The more advanced techniques for other celestial bodies and sights are for study in the subsequent Navigation Course.
Junior Navigator subject matter includes: basic concepts of celestial navigation; how to use the mariner’s sextant to take sights of the sun; the importance and techniques of accurate time determination; use of the Nautical Almanac: how to reduce sights to establish lines of position (LOPs); and the use of GPS, special charts, plotting sheets and other navigational data for offshore positioning and passage planning.

Celestial Navigation may be considered by most Navigators today to be self-interest as opposed to practical. It is however extremely interesting. One gains a better understanding of the Celestial world & the process involved to locate position within 3 NM by Sextant. The course includes two very practical programs for planning offshore voyages. If Offshore Sailing is in your future plans, these courses are of a huge benefit & if all your electronics goes gunny-sack there is always the sextant as backup!


P.S. A group of us took both of these courses in 2011. Thoroughly enjoyed & proud to have completed!

Here is our list of upcoming courses:


Seamanship 2015 – Starting Monday January 26 to March 23, 2015  (two spots still available)

Sailing 2015 – Starting Thursday January 22, 2014  (spots still available)

Junior Navigator – Starting Wednesday January 28, 2015  (spots still available)

Marine Radio – Starting Monday April 13. 2015

Marine Radio – Starting Monday May 25, 2015

Marine Radio Starting Monday June 2, 2015


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